TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.05 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableThis version of TurboLaw Time and Billing is a fairly minor update, with a few fixes of relatively minor issues – but nevertheless we’ve made some changes and improvements that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

  • Added an additional “do you want to save your changes” prompt to the “Create New Bill” screen
  • Fixed an issue where after clicking “Save & New” for a bill, the drop-down list of clients was empty
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message after clicking “Save & New” for a bill multiple times
  • Fixed a minor issue with the TIMEKEEPER_ID field in LEDES bill exports
As always, this update will be downloaded and installed automatically (unless you’ve turned this option off). If you have any questions or comments about this update, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.04 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableTurboLaw Time and Billing version 3.04 has just been released, and this new version is chock-full of new features and improved functions. Perhaps the biggest change is that we’ve added the ability to set custom bill/invoice numbers - something that many of you have requested and that we’ve wanted to do for some time. Now, you can set the number of a new bill or invoice to whatever you want (so long as there isn’t already a bill or invoice with that number already).

Additionally, once you set a bill number, future bill numbers will automatically be incremented from that point on – for example, if you set a bill number of “1000,” then the next bill you create will be “1001,” even if you don’t set it yourself. This allows you to set your “starting” bill number and then let TurboLaw Time and Billing take care of automatically numbering bills from there.

Other major new features and improvements in this version include:

  • Added an option to merge duplicate clients together
    • Just select the two clients from the list and right-click to access the “Merge Clients” option
  • Added an option to control what staff member is automatically selected when entering time or expenses
    • You can choose a specific staff member to always be selected, let TurboLaw choose the last staff member who did work for the client, or turn off automatic selection entirely
  • Added an option to mark a staff member as “inactive”
    • Inactive staff members won’t show up in drop-down boxes when entering time or expenses, but will still be available for reports and record-keeping purposes
  • Bills are no longer automatically saved when you choose to preview them
    • Now you can just pull up a new bill and preview it without needing to remember to delete it afterwards
  • Improved the “Export Clients” function
    • You can now control which clients are exported by selecting them from the list of clients

Additionally, we made the following minor changes and improvements:

  • Improved client notes by adding an “Add Timestamp” button
  • Added an option to “group by date” for reports
  • Fixed a minor issue with the drop-down box for clients and staff in the “Enter Time” window which caused it to auto-select the 2nd entry if and only if there were 2 entries in the drop-down box
  • Fixed a minor issue that could cause the wrong database to be opened if you used the “Merge from TurboLaw Time and Billing” option twice in a row
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause certain kinds of payments to be duplicated when merging database files under very specific circumstances
As always, we welcome and value your feedback – if you have any questions or comments TurboLaw Time and Billing, please let us know!

TurboLaw 4.02 Released

TurboLaw UpdateVersion 4.02 of TurboLaw Document Software was released today, and although this is a relatively minor update, it still contains a number of improvements

  • Added a “Remove Favorites” button to the ribbon: previously you had to right-click on a favorite document in order to remove it.
  • Improved case searching speed:we’ve vastly improved the speed & responsiveness when searching through your list of cases, especially if you have a large list of cases.
  • Allow for skipping problem files during backup: if for some reason there’s a problem with a file TurboLaw is backing up, you can now skip past that file and continue the backup instead of having to abort the entire backup.
  • Fixed a problem where the backup would stop if any custom user template files were missing
  • Corrected a situation where the Updates & Support reminder message might appear briefly when it shouldn’t

This update will be automatically downloaded and installed by TurboLaw (unless you’ve turned this option off), so you don’t need to do anything special to receive it.

As always, if you have any comments, feedback, or questions about TurboLaw, we want to hear from you!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.03 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableTurboLaw Time and Billing version 3.03 was released today, bringing with it some small changes and improvements inspired by feedback we’ve received. This new update adds matter-specific “previous balance” and “amount due” fields for use in bill templates, as well as some new bill templates that sum up the time listed in the bill in addition to the dollar amounts.

Additionally, we’ve added an additional column to all lists of time & expenses in the program which shows the detailed description of the item – just like how it appears on the “Edit Bill” window. This will help you distinguish time or expense entries from one another by allowing you to see any detailed descriptions you’ve entered.

This update also includes a few fixes for minor issues with generating statements when using the new “alternate statement format” option. Specifically, it fixes the issue where the “Save Statements to PDF” option wasn’t creating the statements with the new alternate format, and an issue where some running balances on the alternate statements could be out of order if two items occurred on the exact same day.

As always, we welcome and value your feedback – if you have any questions or comments about TurboLaw Time and Billing, please let us know!

TurboLaw 4.01 Released

TurboLaw UpdateVersion 4.01 of TurboLaw Document Software has just been released, with a whole host of changes and improvements – especially to the process of moving to a new computer as well as to TurboLaw’s built-in backup.

The major changes in this version are:

  • Custom user templates and “favorite” documents are now included in TurboLaw’s backup files
  • The TurboLaw Migration Wizard now also moves your custom user templates and “favorite” documents to your new computer
  • Added the ability to import and export custom user templates easily (so that you can share them with other users)
  • Added opposing counsel’s phone and fax numbers to the “Case Details” printout for Massachusetts Divorce and Family Law cases
  • Added “date of service of divorce complaint” to the Case Interview Wizard for Massachusetts Divorce and Family Law so that the length of marriage (for alimony calculation purposes) can be calculated
  • When creating new documents, TurboLaw will automatically switch Word 2013 out of “reading view”

As always, for a full list of changes, after the update is installed just click on the Help tab in TurboLaw and then click What’s New.

This new version is available now as an automatic update to all our current TurboLaw subscribers. We’re very proud of this new version and we hope you find it helpful – and as always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.02 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableWe’ve been keeping busy here this summer, and this means that we’ve got another update to TurboLaw Time and Billing – version 3.02 – which has just been released. If you have TurboLaw Time and Billing installed, you will receive this update automatically the next time you open the program (as long as you haven’t turned automatic updates off).

Quite literally every single change in this new version is based directly on customer suggestions and feedback, so we hope you like it and find it useful!

  • New (optional) method of displaying retainer payments/activity on statements
  • You can now specify the date a payment was applied to a bill (if needed)
  • Bills and statements can now be bulk exported to individual PDF files
  • Added new merge fields for statement templates – “account balance” and “amount due.” The “account balance” shows the overall client’s balance, while the amount due only shows what is due (in other words, if there is a credit on the account, the “amount due” is zero, since nothing is “due”).
  • Updated the built-in bill templates to sort first by date, then by description (if the dates are the same)
  • Changed the “retainer balance” field for bills and statements to show a positive number instead of a negative one
  • Changed the location of custom bill and statement templates to be in your “Documents” folder so they are easier to find & move to a new computer
  • Added an option to disable the bill payment reminder message
  • Improved the “Import from Outlook” function so it uses the set “mailing address” from Outlook
As always, we welcome and value your feedback – if you have any questions or comments about TurboLaw Time and Billing, please let us know!

What’s Changing in Time and Billing 3.01

TurboLaw Time and Billing version 3.01 is coming out next week (June 23rd), based directly on feedback we’ve received – especially regarding the new “accounts” feature we added in version 3.00.

Here’s an overview of the changes we’re making:

Simple Entry of Retainers

Instead of having to set up an “account” for a retainer, you just enter it as a payment – like you’ve always done – and then simply check the new box labeled “This is a retainer payment.”

receive payment (retainer payment) - cropped

That’s it – it really is that simple.

By checking this box, you distinguish the retainer payment from “regular” payments, so that TurboLaw Time and Billing can give you an accurate tally of your client’s retainer balance. And of course there are bill templates set up specifically to show retainer balances (or you can customize your own and use the “retainer balance” field).

Reports for Reconciliation

Once you start marking payments as “retainer payments,” you can use our new report, called “Retainer Activity.” This gives you a client-by-client breakdown of all retainer activity, both payments into retainers and payments out of retainers (i.e., payments applied to bills). It also gives you a sum total of retainer balances for all your clients, as well as a grand total of all retainers.

Retainer Activity Report (scaled)

With this new report, you’ll be able to track all your client’s retainers easily, and you can use this information to help with reconciling your IOLTA account.

Previous Balances (and more!)

The “previous balance (including any retainer)” field on bills has been changed back to the way it used to calculate – and we’ve added a number of new fields you can use on bills as well, if you choose:

  • “Balance as of” – a field you can use to show what a client’s balance was as of the date of the bill (instead of the “current” balance)
  • “Amount due as of” – similar to the “balance as of,” except this only shows what a client owes (it does not include any retainers – if the client owes nothing, it shows $0.00)
  • “Previous amount due” – similar to the “previous balance,” except that it only shows what the client owed prior to the current bill (that is, if the client owes nothing, it shows $0.00)

We’ve also updated the “retainer balance” field to make use of payments marked as retainers.

No More “Accounts”

Since we made retainers so easy to enter, there was no need for a completely separate “accounts” feature in the program – so we’ve removed it entirely. If you started using accounts, don’t worry – any accounts you entered will be automatically converted into retainer payments, and any bills you’ve pad out of those accounts will be preserved as well.

We’re always striving to make TurboLaw Time and Billing as easy to use as possible, while still fulfilling all your different billing needs – this is why we listen so carefully to what you have to say, and why we’re committed to making whatever changes are necessary to keep you satisfied. As always, if you have any thoughts or comments about TurboLaw Time and Billing, we’d love to hear from you!


TurboLaw Cloud – Use TurboLaw from Anywhere; Mac or PC!

TurboLaw-Cloud-IconWe are very excited to announce the launch of TurboLaw Cloud – our new hosted service for TurboLaw Document Software that lets you use TurboLaw from anywhere, on almost any device, including both Windows and Mac computers!

TurboLaw Cloud gives you access to a complete “virtual desktop” environment, with all the software pre-installed and configured for you – there’s nothing else you need to buy. All you need is the free Microsoft Remote Desktop client and you can be up and using TurboLaw from your Mac or PC in just minutes. (And, of course we have step-by-step instructions to help get you started.)

turbolaw cloud - iphoneWith TurboLaw Cloud, you can access your TurboLaw documents from wherever you are, whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road. Wherever you log in from, you’ll still see the same TurboLaw, with all your files.

You can create and edit your documents entirely in TurboLaw Cloud, or you can save them to your local computer to edit them if you prefer (note that if you save them to your computer they won’t be available on other computers).

We’re very excited to be able to offer TurboLaw Cloud and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any other questions about TurboLaw cloud, please check our frequently asked questions, or just drop us a line. Or, if you’re ready to give TurboLaw Cloud a try, you can sign up here – there’s no long-term commitment so you can cancel any time, and of course we always offer our 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not 100% satisfied.

As of the writing of this blog post, TurboLaw Cloud is available for the MA General Practitioner’s Suite only, but please contact us and let us now which package you would like to see made “cloud” and we will notify you when it is ready!

TurboLaw 4 Released

TurboLaw UpdateVersion 4 of TurboLaw Document Software has just been released, and we’re very excited to show it to you! This new release features a totally updated user interface using the new “ribbon” style which is designed to make TurboLaw easier and more intuitive to use.

turbolaw ribbon uiWe’ve performed extensive research into how TurboLaw is actually used and designed the new interface around that data. Commonly used functions are always available, while everything has been arranged more logically and consistently.

This new interface also helps highlight some features that we know are very popular, but that might not have been noticed by everyone who uses TurboLaw. Some of these features that TurboLaw has long had but that you might not have noticed before are:

  • Favorite documents
    • You can mark a document as one of your “favorites” so that you can get to it more quickly. If you have a handful of documents that you use regularly, this lets you keep them all in one place for easy access.
  • Case Information
    • Access quick, basic information about a case, including the option to make a case “inactive” (or “closed”).
  • Print Cases/Print Case Details
    • Either print out a list of all your cases or print out the full details of any single case – including all the parties, addresses, and other information that you’ve entered. If you like having a hard copy of the details of your case or you’ve used the “Case Intake Sheet” forms previously, this is for you

To see the full list of changes once you’ve got the new version installed click on the Help tab and then click What’s New.

This new version is available now as an automatic update to all our current TurboLaw subscribers. We’re very proud of this new version and we hope you find it helpful – and as always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

TurboLaw Version 4 is Coming Soon!

We’re nearing completion of a major new release of TurboLaw Document Software – TurboLaw Version 4 – which includes a total revamp of the user interface to use a more modern “ribbon” style.

Rest assured though, we’re not just slapping this new look onto TurboLaw – we’ve done extensive research into how TurboLaw is used, including which items are clicked most frequently – so our new “ribbon” style interface puts all the most important items front and center for quick and easy access.

TurboLaw UI - Old vs New

TurboLaw – Old vs New

In addition to being both highly functional and looking fresh, by consolidating all the buttons and controls at the top of the screen we’ve managed to give you more space to work on your cases and files in TurboLaw. In the screenshots above, both TurboLaw windows are exactly the same size, but in the new version you can see more of your cases at once without having to scroll.

Although the look of TurboLaw is changing, the way you use it isn’t – so you won’t have to re-learn how to do things. You can still double-click on documents or cases to open them, and the Start New Case button is still in exactly the same place and works exactly the same way.

Another advantage of this new design is that it makes certain features and options easier to find and use, when previously you might have not even noticed they were there. Things like case notes and the ability to print cases and case details are now easily accessible right at the top of the screen with large, clearly labeled buttons.

There are also a number of other improvements we’ve made to TurboLaw, so be sure to stay tuned for the full list once the new version is released – we’ll be releasing this new version in early May.