TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.08 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableTurboLaw Time and Billing version 3.08 has just been released, and although this is a relatively minor release, we still made some improvements that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Probably the biggest improvement in this version is the addition of an explicit Write-Off Bill button to the “Edit Bill” window. By clicking this button, you can write off the balance of a bill that you know you’re not going to collect payment for.

Additionally, we’ve improved the way the “Void Bill” button works when you try to void a bill which has been partially paid – now you’ll be prompted to either remove payment and void the bill, or simply write-off the remaining balance on the bill.

We’ve also added a new merge field for use in bill templates called “balance as of last bill.” This field allows you to show what a client’s balance was as of the date of their previous bill. This field is different from the “previous balance” field, which shows what the client’s balance was immediately before the current bill. So now you have the choice of how you’d like to show previous balances on your bills – you can add this field to your bill template by customizing it.

Finally, we also improved the way TurboLaw Time and Billing handles flat-fee items when exporting bills to LEDES format.

As always, we hope you enjoy this new version of TurboLaw Time and Billing and welcome any feedback or comments you might have.


TurboLaw 4.05 Released

TurboLaw Update

We are very excited to announce the release of TurboLaw Document Software version 4.05 today! This new version is a major milestone for TurboLaw, incorporating a number of sweeping changes and improvements that have been a long time coming. Some of the changes are highly visible – like the new “Manage Parties” screen – and others are more subtle, such as a completely new document merge engine.

This update is available now and it will be installed automatically (if it hasn’t already) the next time you open TurboLaw. If you have automatic updates turned off in TurboLaw, you can check for updates by clicking the Tools tab and then clicking Check for Updates.

Here’s some of the biggest changes (you can view the complete list of changes in TurboLaw itself once you’ve received the update by clicking the Help tab and choosing What’s New):

  • New Manage Parties window
    • Now you can edit parties and opposing counsel that you’ve entered in any case without having to go into the case itself! You can also search your parties and find and delete duplicates or obsolete entries so they don’t clutter up your “Choose Existing Parties” window.
      manage parties button

      The new Manage Parties button

      manage and edit parties

      The Manage Parties window allows you to view all parties from all cases – and edit or delete them as needed. (Click the image to see more detail.)

  • New document merge engine
    • TurboLaw now uses a completely new method for merging information into documents – this new method does not rely on macros being enabled, and is both faster and more extensible.
  • TurboLaw now disables the “reading mode” option in Word 2013
    • Word 2013 introduced “reading mode,” which is meant to be similar to an e-reader type view where you can view a document but not make changes to it. Unfortunately, Word incorrectly believed that TurboLaw’s forms were meant to be shown in this mode, which meant that forms opened and could not be edited until you switched to a different view mode. Now though, TurboLaw detects this option and disables it proactively so you can edit documents immediately after opening them.

And here’s some of the other changes and fixes we’ve made for this version:

  • Added a notification message for the “Favorite documents” feature (if you haven’t used it yet)
  • Added the ability to refresh the list of Saved Documents by using the F5 key on the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where TurboLaw sometimes couldn’t re-open the database immediately after an update if it was on a particular kind of network drive
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Migration Wizard from creating migration files
  • Fixed an issue where the “It’s time to backup TurboLaw” reminder would sometimes be non-clickable when used in a Terminal Server/Remote Desktop environment
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in how different skins/themes were applied to some windows and buttons
  • Fixed a sizing issue with the “closing date” field in the MA/Real Estate case wizard
As always, we hope you enjoy this new update to TurboLaw. If you have any comments, thoughts, ideas, or feedback regarding this update or things you’d like to see in a future TurboLaw update, please let us know!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.07 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableSummer is here and to celebrate we’ve got a new version of TurboLaw Time and Billing with a whole host of new features and improvements. As usual, many of these new features and improvements are based directly on feedback we receive from our users. If you have an idea or suggestion or even just a comment on TurboLaw Time and Billing, we’d love to hear from you – we really do listen to what our users say so we can make the best time and billing program for you!

  • Added an explicit way to issue a refund for a payment or retainer
    • refund paymentWhen editing a payment or retainer, there is now an explicit “refund payment” button that will record that you’ve refunded the specified funds and mark them as no longer available. We’ve also added reports so that you can track refunds that you’ve issued as well.
  • Added a prompt offering to automatically pay a bill (apply payment) when entering payments
    • When entering a payment, when you click “Save” you will receive a prompt allowing you to automatically pay any open bills using the funds you just received. This is just like the prompt that appears when you save a bill (and can be turned off with the same option, if desired).
  • Added the ability to create copies of (or “clone”) bills
    • If you regularly bill clients for the same set of activities, you can now “copy” (or “clone”) a bill so that you don’t have to enter all the time & expense items over and over again. You can copy a bill in its entirety, as well as copy all of the items from a bill into a new bill. Once you’ve copied a bill this way you can also edit or delete items if needed.
      copy bill
  • Added the option to show reports of client balances as of a specific date
    • The “Client Balances” report now has the option to show balances “as of” a specific date, so that you can see what your client’s balance was in addition to what it is right now.
  • Added an “as of” date option to reports
    • as of dateThe option to show reports “as of” a specific date is also available to other reports as well – any report that can be filtered by date can also be set to show its results as of a specific date.
  • Added a field that can be added to bills to show “previous payments” (i.e., payments since the last bill)
    • Useful for those who do monthly billing but prefer not to print statements, you can now customize your bill template and use this new field to add a “previous payments” line to your bills, showing the dollar amount of any payments received since the previous bill.
  • Improved performance of long-running operations (e.g., saving or merging) when using certain database file formats
    • Some users with very large databases (lots of clients, bills, time entries, etc.) will appreciate how much faster it is to perform certain operations thanks to a number of behind-the-scene improvements and optimizations we’ve made. Specifically, saving your database file in a different format and merging two databases together will now be significantly faster.
  • Improved the display of matter names in the “Create Statements” window
    • Previously, matter names were simply listed as-is in the “Create Statements” window (if you were creating statements for matters). Now, client names are shown as well to help distinguish matters.
      statements for matters

In addition, we’ve also fixed the following minor issues:

  • Prevented bills with negative amounts from being accidentally created
  • Fixed the formatting on the “remittance” section of some bill templates
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new bill would show “orphaned” or “left-over” items from previously deleted bills (until you selected a client)
  • Fixed an issue where the drop-down list for staff members in the “Enter Time” window wasn’t refreshing if you added or deleted staff members
  • Fixed an issue where the Next/Back buttons in the “Edit Bill” window weren’t properly showing the next/previous bill
  • Fixed an issue where reports that were “grouped by date” had an extra comma in the subtitle
  • Fixed an issue where the “Edit Staff” window could not be resized and sometimes some toolbar buttons would not be immediately visible as a result
As always, we welcome and value your feedback – if you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Updated Subpoena for Rule 45

As many of you already know, an update to Rule 45 affecting subpoenas in Massachusetts recently took effect.

We have added an updated subpoena to TurboLaw which complies with this – in TurboLaw it is listed as “Subpoena Duces Tecum and Proof of Service” and can be found in the following categories:

  • In Divorce and Family Law, it is in the “Subpoenas” category
  • In General Litigation, it is in the “Discovery” category
  • In Personal Injury, it is in the “Discovery” category
  • In Probate Law, it is in the “General” category

TurboLaw customers will receive this updated subpoena automatically (unless you’ve turned off automatic updates or no longer have an active support subscription).

As always, if you have any questions about this form or anything else with TurboLaw, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

TurboLaw 4.04 Released

TurboLaw UpdateWe’re very happy to announce that we’ve just released TurboLaw Document Software version 4.04. As usual, we’ve made a number of changes based on feedback and suggestions from our users, as well as some behind-the-scenes improvements to improve performance.

  • Added “Open Recent Database” to the File menu
  • Improved performance of file synchronization during the “work offline” process
  • Changed the internal document (and user template) database to local per-user files for better performance
  • Fixed a minor issue where the manual “checking for updates” window wouldn’t close after displaying the “subscription has expired” message
As always, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions about this update we’d love to hear from you!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.06 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableTurboLaw Time and Billing Version 3.06 has just been released, bringing with it a number of major new features based on feedback we’ve received from users. This new version includes a much-requested feature addition: the ability to automatically create multiple bills at once (e.g., to create a batch of bills all at once with a single click). Another much-requested feature is the ability to generate statements for individual matters (instead of only being able to generate statements for a client’s account overall, including all matters).

Other new features and improvements include:

  • An improved interface for entering time in hours:minutes:seconds format
  • Improved accessibility for screen readers and for keyboard use
  • Added the “Unbilled Total” and “Client Balance” amounts to the file created when exporting clients
  • Added new methods for selecting and showing clients (or matters) when creating statements, including the option to show only active or inactive clients (or matters)
  • Added the ability to do bulk editing (e.g., make changes to multiple items at once) for time entries, expense entries, and payments
  • Added right-click context menus to all list windows
  • Fixed an issue where inactive clients would appear in drop-down boxes when they shouldn’t
  • Changed the “this is an active client” checkbox to a button on the toolbar so it is more visible and easy to find
  • Changed the “this is an active staff member” checkbox to a button on the toolbar so it is more visible and easy to find
  • Added a field to the “Edit Client” window to show a client’s retainer amount (for easy reference)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding a discount to a brand-new (unsaved) bill
  • Fixed an issue that caused unnecessary “do you want to save your changes” prompts in the “Edit Client” window
  • When clicking “Save & New” for a client, the cursor will now go back to the “First name” field (for easy entry of a new client)

This new version is available now and will automatically be installed (unless you’ve turned off automatic updates). We hope you enjoy all these new features, and thank you for choosing TurboLaw Time and Billing!

As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions – if you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions about TurboLaw Time and Billing, please let us know!

TurboLaw 4.03 Released

TurboLaw UpdateWe’ve just released version 4.03 of TurboLaw Document Software with just a few minor changes this time. Specifically, we’ve added some data fields for “state or place of birth” for parties in New Hampshire Domestic Relation cases, as well as corrected some minor button inconsistencies. This update also includes a fix for a very rare glitch which caused (harmless) error messages for some people using Windows 7.

This update will be automatically downloaded and installed by TurboLaw (unless you’ve turned this option off), so you don’t need to do anything special to receive it.

As always, if you have any comments, feedback, or questions about TurboLaw, we want to hear from you!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.05 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableThis version of TurboLaw Time and Billing is a fairly minor update, with a few fixes of relatively minor issues – but nevertheless we’ve made some changes and improvements that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

  • Added an additional “do you want to save your changes” prompt to the “Create New Bill” screen
  • Fixed an issue where after clicking “Save & New” for a bill, the drop-down list of clients was empty
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message after clicking “Save & New” for a bill multiple times
  • Fixed a minor issue with the TIMEKEEPER_ID field in LEDES bill exports
As always, this update will be downloaded and installed automatically (unless you’ve turned this option off). If you have any questions or comments about this update, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

TurboLaw Time and Billing 3.04 Released

TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableTurboLaw Time and Billing version 3.04 has just been released, and this new version is chock-full of new features and improved functions. Perhaps the biggest change is that we’ve added the ability to set custom bill/invoice numbers – something that many of you have requested and that we’ve wanted to do for some time. Now, you can set the number of a new bill or invoice to whatever you want (so long as there isn’t already a bill or invoice with that number already).

Additionally, once you set a bill number, future bill numbers will automatically be incremented from that point on – for example, if you set a bill number of “1000,” then the next bill you create will be “1001,” even if you don’t set it yourself. This allows you to set your “starting” bill number and then let TurboLaw Time and Billing take care of automatically numbering bills from there.

Other major new features and improvements in this version include:

  • Added an option to merge duplicate clients together
    • Just select the two clients from the list and right-click to access the “Merge Clients” option
  • Added an option to control what staff member is automatically selected when entering time or expenses
    • You can choose a specific staff member to always be selected, let TurboLaw choose the last staff member who did work for the client, or turn off automatic selection entirely
  • Added an option to mark a staff member as “inactive”
    • Inactive staff members won’t show up in drop-down boxes when entering time or expenses, but will still be available for reports and record-keeping purposes
  • Bills are no longer automatically saved when you choose to preview them
    • Now you can just pull up a new bill and preview it without needing to remember to delete it afterwards
  • Improved the “Export Clients” function
    • You can now control which clients are exported by selecting them from the list of clients

Additionally, we made the following minor changes and improvements:

  • Improved client notes by adding an “Add Timestamp” button
  • Added an option to “group by date” for reports
  • Fixed a minor issue with the drop-down box for clients and staff in the “Enter Time” window which caused it to auto-select the 2nd entry if and only if there were 2 entries in the drop-down box
  • Fixed a minor issue that could cause the wrong database to be opened if you used the “Merge from TurboLaw Time and Billing” option twice in a row
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause certain kinds of payments to be duplicated when merging database files under very specific circumstances
As always, we welcome and value your feedback – if you have any questions or comments TurboLaw Time and Billing, please let us know!

TurboLaw 4.02 Released

TurboLaw UpdateVersion 4.02 of TurboLaw Document Software was released today, and although this is a relatively minor update, it still contains a number of improvements

  • Added a “Remove Favorites” button to the ribbon: previously you had to right-click on a favorite document in order to remove it.
  • Improved case searching speed:we’ve vastly improved the speed & responsiveness when searching through your list of cases, especially if you have a large list of cases.
  • Allow for skipping problem files during backup: if for some reason there’s a problem with a file TurboLaw is backing up, you can now skip past that file and continue the backup instead of having to abort the entire backup.
  • Fixed a problem where the backup would stop if any custom user template files were missing
  • Corrected a situation where the Updates & Support reminder message might appear briefly when it shouldn’t

This update will be automatically downloaded and installed by TurboLaw (unless you’ve turned this option off), so you don’t need to do anything special to receive it.

As always, if you have any comments, feedback, or questions about TurboLaw, we want to hear from you!