I wanted to write to thank you and your firm for the substantial support which you provided to me in connection with the installation of my TurboLaw upgrade. I have dealt with other vendors of legal software, and TurboLaw is by far the best, both with respect to the product itself and also with respect to the technical support assistance which you provide. Your services and product have promoted the efficient running of my office.

Joyce G. Perocchi

Perocchi Arbitration in North Andover, MA

Just a short note to let you know that I’m happy to be back with TurboLaw. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I dumped my Mac and came back into the fold. Also, your customer service has always been superb. Jeff called me yesterday probably within an hour of my posting a question by e-mail.

Attorney Dan Dalton

The Civil Divorce in Chelmsford, MA

TurboLaw gets it. They realize that comprehensive, user-friendly legal software increases the efficiency of lawyers. This directly translates into profit. TurboLaw has become an indispensable component of my practice. I highly recommend TurboLaw.

Attorney Anton Reinert

Reinert Law in Wellesley Hills, MA

Thank you for being so responsive. It is good to have responsive ‘partners’ like you to help me with my practice. Thanks again.

Michael P. Friedman, Esq

Brickley, Sears & Sorett, P.A. - Boston, MA

I appreciate your customer service. TurboLaw rocks!

Attorney Alison Zollo Lebleu

Summers Law in Franklin, MA

I have been practicing law for some twenty-two years now and have recently been introduced to the TurboLaw software. Your product has proven to be a real time-saving device for my office in that it provides current documents and forms which are easily accessible and very user friendly. It has truly made the office much more efficient in rapidly responding to the immediate needs of our clientele. Also, I have found the support staff to be extremely knowledgeable in the product’s operations and have been of great assistance in resolving, although very infrequent, even the most complex of questions involving applications. I use your product regularly in my probate, real estate, and litigation practices. Kudos to TurboLaw and you now have a long-term client.

Attorney Kevin M. Flannigan

Flannigan and Associates in Hanover, MA

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Spoiler alert – our customer service is amazing!

You guys are the greatest. Of the 12 to 15 different billing programs I've used over the past years, your program is by far both the easiest and the best across the board.

Attorney Gary L. Marsh
Buena Vista, CO

I don't know if it is possible to be 'in love' with software, but I love TurboLaw. It's great.

Attorney Elaine Clark
Beverly, MA

Thank you so much. I can be a better attorney with TurboLaw. I can spend more time with my clients when I know TurboLaw is a keystroke away.

Attorney Susan Edgett
Groton, MA

Your high level of customer service is a major reason I switched to your billing software.

Attorney George H. Boerger
Kingston, MA

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