We just released version 3.10 of TurboLaw Time & Billing. Here’s a quick rundown of how this new update will help you: 

  • You needed an easier way to merge bills together, you now have it!
  • Your bills and statement templates are now saved making sharing much easier.
  • You have quick & easy access to items that you edit very frequently without having to go through bills or clients first because time, expenses, and payments are in the main window.
  • You now also have the ability to export specific sets of clients to CSV and XLSX. This allows you to generate quick mail-merge lists for doing mailings. (Not only does it support exporting to XLSX for easy integration with Word’s mail merge feature, it also allows you to select groups of clients like “all clients I billed this month” or “all clients with retainer balances)

You can view the full list of new benefits and features below!

Thank you for being a customer and for all the feedback that led to this release. We’d love your feedback and welcome your suggestions at suggestions@turbolaw.com!


  • Added the ability to merge bills together
  • Added the ability to merge staff members together
  • Added the ability to merge matters together
  • Improved the import/merge database process with better progress indicators and improved speed
  • Time, expenses, and payments are now on the main navigation bar and can be viewed directly from in the main window
  • Added the ability to resume using the stopwatch for a previously entered time entry
  • Bill and Statement templates are now saved in the database so they are available to all users on a shared network setup
  • Added the ability to set specific bill or statement template to be used for individual clients and matters
  • Improved the “export clients” feature to allow for selecting what clients should be exported
  • Added the ability to export to both CSV and XLSX (Excel) format when exporting clients
  • Added a different icon for retainer payments to help distinguish them visually in lists
  • Added an option to quickly create expense-only or time-only bills
  • Added reports for written-of bills and for discounts/adjustments
  • Added a “balance” column to the “Payments” list view window
  • Improved the built-in error reporting system
  • Fixed some display issues on high-DPI displays
  • Removed the “Back” and “Home” buttons on the main screen (since they were redundant and rarely used); this frees up more screen space
  • Fixed a display issue where the “payment remaining” text would be misaligned on Windows 7
  • Fixed some issues with “previous balance” and “retainer balance as of” fields on bills that could show incorrectly under rare and specific circumstances