Spring is finally here so is the latest update to TurboLaw Document Softwareversion 5.02!

This version is a relatively minor update, focusing mainly on small improvements and fixes to minor issues. You can view the full list of changes in TurboLaw by clicking the Help tab and then clicking on What’s New, but here’s some of the most important changes in this version:

  • Updated the address used for the Massachusetts Essex County Probate and Family Court
  • For those who use TurboLaw in Parallels (or another VM) on a Mac, or those who frequently save files from TurboLaw Cloud to their Mac, you’ll no longer see the Mac-specific temporary files which begin with “._” in the “Saved Documents” list
  • Fixed an issue with some documents not filling out certain fields (if the field in question was a drop-down box rather than a standard text field)

Although this update is a relatively minor one, don’t think that this means we’re out of ideas.  We’ve got a long list of improvements we’re working on for the next version of TurboLaw, and of course we welcome any suggestions or feedback that you might have!