Finding Confidential Information Online – By Mistake

From Bruce Schneier’s blog and
Tax liens, mortgage papers, deeds, and other real estate-related documents are publicly available in on-line databases run by registries of deeds across the state. It’s easy to say “we haven’t seen any cases of fraud using our information,” because there’s rarely a way to tell where information comes from.

Technology & Law – Vol. III

Quoting an article by Bruce Schneier, a highly-regarded authority in the world of computer security & technology, on the topic of “Identity Theft” – probably the biggest crime on the Internet today, and something that many law offices may be especially susceptible to.

LexisNexis Says 32,000 Profiles Stolen

From a Reuters story posted on Yahoo! News:
LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Data broker LexisNexis on Wednesday said that identity thieves have gained access to profiles of 32,000 U.S. citizens, prompting calls for better consumer protections after a rash of similar break-ins.


The information accessed included names, addresses, Social Security and driver’s license numbers, but not credit histories, medical records or financial information.
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