TurboLaw UpdateVersion 4.02 of TurboLaw Document Software was released today, and although this is a relatively minor update, it still contains a number of improvements

  • Added a “Remove Favorites” button to the ribbon: previously you had to right-click on a favorite document in order to remove it.
  • Improved case searching speed:we’ve vastly improved the speed & responsiveness when searching through your list of cases, especially if you have a large list of cases.
  • Allow for skipping problem files during backup: if for some reason there’s a problem with a file TurboLaw is backing up, you can now skip past that file and continue the backup instead of having to abort the entire backup.
  • Fixed a problem where the backup would stop if any custom user template files were missing
  • Corrected a situation where the Updates & Support reminder message might appear briefly when it shouldn’t

This update will be automatically downloaded and installed by TurboLaw (unless you’ve turned this option off), so you don’t need to do anything special to receive it.

[note class=”info”]As always, if you have any comments, feedback, or questions about TurboLaw, we want to hear from you![/note]