With the upcoming release of TurboLaw Version 3, we’d like to show everyone the newly designed icon for TurboLaw Document Software. (Partly because we’re quite proud of it, and also partly so you know what the desktop icon for TurboLaw will change to when the update is released!)

To the right is the old TurboLaw icon, which has been used for TurboLaw Document Software since its original release, all the way back in 2002.

This icon was designed by our in-house art staff, and reflects the style of icons back at the time.

When TurboLaw Version 3 is released later this month, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the old icon, as with the update comes the new icon, seen on the left.

If you have TurboLaw on your computer, when the update is released later this month, you’ll see this new icon replace the old one on your computer.

This new version of TurboLaw is, without a doubt, the biggest and most significant change we’ve made since the program was first launched all those years ago. Although the icon is just a small part of the whole, we really did want this new version to be something special for all of you who use TurboLaw, so we left no stone unturned in making the program as wonderful and polished as we possibly could.

We’re sure you’ll love it!

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter – TurboLaw 3 is coming very soon!

[note class=”coffee”]For those who are curious, we had this icon designed for us by using the wonderful site 99Designs. If you ever need a logo, stationary, business card or brochure designed quickly and easily, we highly recommend checking this site out. It is really easy to use and the results are always fantastic![/note]