This just in:

The [Massachusetts] Probate and Family Court has amended Uniform Practice XXXIII. Standards for Computer-Generated Forms. The Court has received numerous complaints since the change was made last year in allowing the filing of Financial Statements and Child Support Guidelines Worksheets on white paper. Requiring that the forms be printed on colored paper will assist our staff and judges in identifying the forms in the case folder and that they remain unavailable for public inspection. Colored forms will also make the forms more readily identifiable to lawyers and litigants.

You can see the updated Uniform Practice XXXIII here (PDF link), as well as read the official press release here (again, PDF link).

We have of course updated TurboLaw’s document notices to include these new rules. If your TurboLaw has been checking for updates automatically, then the next time you open a financial form you will see the reminder about the new paper color rules.