Easy to use Massachusetts legal templates and forms

Access hundreds of Massachusetts legal templates and forms to assist with correspondence, drafting agreements and court appearances.  Each can be quickly customized for immediate use. First 14 days are free!


Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Worksheet helps the court calculate child support. TurboLaw includes the most up-to-date version of the form: CJ-D 304 (9-17) Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. Learn More >


Rule 401 Long and Short Form

When you file for divorce, you will need to complete the Rule 401 financial statements to reflect your income. The Rule 401 Short form is for those with an income of under $75,000 per year, while the Rule 401 Long Form is for those who earn more than $75,000 per year, with extensive realty. Portuguese and Spanish available. Learn More >


Complaint for Divorce

To formally file for divorce in Massachusetts, you may need to access several forms, including the Complaint for Divorce, Defendant’s Answer to Complaint for Divorce, Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Divorce, and the Motion to Amend Complaint for Divorce.


Settlement Statement (HUD-1)

The Massachusetts HUD-1 settlement statement provides the details of the property transaction, including sale price, any applicable taxes, assessments and deposits, realtor commissions and mortgage broker fees.


Probate Forms

When someone dies, their surviving family members or close associates must submit probate forms to gain authority to distribute assets according to the will, and pay any debts and taxes. These Massachusetts probate forms and templates formalize probate of will, and provide correspondence for probate matters.


Guardianship Forms

When a person becomes incapacitated due to a medical condition, the Massachusetts court can appoint a Guardian to make some or all decisions on their behalf. These Massachusetts guardianship forms and guardianship petitions help commence guardianship or conservatorship proceedings.


Legal Pleadings

Legal pleadings are formal documents to present arguments to court. These templates for Massachusetts legal pleadings include: Complaint, Defendant’s Answer, Subpoenas, Plaintiff’s Affidavits, Stipulation of Dismissal, and Voluntary Dismissal at the District and Superior Courts.