Lawyers like to Blog

“It’s all words, that’s all the law is,” Scott Turow, a lawyer and the author of “Presumed Innocent” and other novels, said when asked to speculate on reasons for the proliferation of law-related blogs, sometimes called blawgs. When people think of law, he continued, “You think of jails and marshals and corporate executives. But the reality is, that’s what it is – it’s all words, and lawyers are verbal people, both in terms of the written stuff and the spoken stuff.”

Finding Confidential Information Online – By Mistake

From Bruce Schneier’s blog and
Tax liens, mortgage papers, deeds, and other real estate-related documents are publicly available in on-line databases run by registries of deeds across the state. It’s easy to say “we haven’t seen any cases of fraud using our information,” because there’s rarely a way to tell where information comes from.