Today we released version 4.06 of TurboLaw Document Software, which includes a number of changes to improve the document creation process and add additional information for cases. Some of these changes are specific to individual areas of law, and others apply to all users of TurboLaw.

The changes that apply to all users of TurboLaw Document Software are:

  • TurboLaw now fills out Excel-based forms (e.g., financial forms) directly, without relying on macros (macros are still needed for some calculations in some Child Support Guidelines forms)
  • Added additional checks to prevent users from accidentally opening non-database files by mistake
  • Fixed a minor problem where blank documents were still copied to a case’s folder even if you canceled the document creation process in the party chooser (or other pop-up) window

For MA/Divorce and Family Law:

  • A completely redesigned pre-trial memorandum wizard to help with completing this document without relying on macros
  • Improved support for mediation cases
  • Added the ability to swap the position of the plaintiff & defendant on an as-needed basis when creating documents (so that documents fill out with parties – and their attorneys – in the correct position in the document)

For MA/Personal Injury:

  • Improved the wizard for entering Personal Injury cases and allowed for entering additional information

For MA/Probate Law:

  • Added “Incapacitated Person” and “Protected Person” as specific party types that can be selected when entering parties for the case

As always, we hope you enjoy this new update to TurboLaw. If you have any comments, thoughts, ideas, or feedback regarding this update or things you’d like to see in a future TurboLaw update, please let us know!