TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableTurboLaw Time and Billing version 3.03 was released today, bringing with it some small changes and improvements inspired by feedback we’ve received. This new update adds matter-specific “previous balance” and “amount due” fields for use in bill templates, as well as some new bill templates that sum up the time listed in the bill in addition to the dollar amounts.

Additionally, we’ve added an additional column to all lists of time & expenses in the program which shows the detailed description of the item – just like how it appears on the “Edit Bill” window. This will help you distinguish time or expense entries from one another by allowing you to see any detailed descriptions you’ve entered.

This update also includes a few fixes for minor issues with generating statements when using the new “alternate statement format” option. Specifically, it fixes the issue where the “Save Statements to PDF” option wasn’t creating the statements with the new alternate format, and an issue where some running balances on the alternate statements could be out of order if two items occurred on the exact same day.

[note class=”mycomment”]As always, we welcome and value your feedback – if you have any questions or comments about TurboLaw Time and Billing, please let us know![/note]