All TurboLaw products have a built-in anonymous error reporting system, similar to the “Tell Microsoft about this problem” messages you may have seen in Windows whenever a program crashes.

Error Reporting in Windows XP

Error Reporting in Windows 7

In TurboLaw products, our message is a little bit different, but they operate on essentially the same principle.

Error Reporting in TurboLaw Products

When you click to let us know about the problem, TurboLaw sends an “error report” directly to our development team. The report tell us:

  • What version of Windows you have
  • What version of TurboLaw you have
  • What the error was and the exact place where it came from in the program

Our development team takes error reports very seriously – every single report that comes in gets analyzed and categorized, and if it is a new problem that we’ve never seen before, it gets immediate priority.

Since these types of errors are, by definition, “unexpected,” they are often the result of very unusual circumstances – for example, a computer being disconnected from the network while TurboLaw is in the middle of saving something. In cases like this, there is little we can do, since the problem is outside of our control.

Other times, the error is due to an unusual circumstance that we can do something about – and in these cases, we always do. Whenever a new version of any TurboLaw product is released, we always fix any problems we know about, including problems we learned about via error reports.

However, sometimes the error report simply doesn’t contain enough information for us to diagnose the problem. Sometimes these problems are caused by other computer problems (e.g., a hard drive that is about to die), and other times they are caused by something else – maybe a setting somewhere was set wrong, or maybe the program was installed incorrectly, or maybe something that was clicked previously is interfering with the program in some unusual way.

These types of problems are the most difficult for us to diagnose without additional information. However, since the error reports are totally anonymous, we have no idea who is having the problem. So if you are getting a particular error frequently (more than twice), please let us know! Only you can give us that little bit of extra information so that we can fix the problem.

[note class=”info”]You can report problems to us by emailing, visiting our Help Center and opening a ticket, or just by calling us at (800) 518-8726 x3.[/note]

We take the quality of our products very seriously – and although we test our products thoroughly before releasing them, there is no way for us to test every single possible combination of servers, networks, computer models, Windows versions and other software (to say nothing of testing every possible way you could use the program!).