The next version of TurboLaw Document Software (version 2.80) is coming soon – and we’ve got a preview of some of the features of this new version.

TurboLaw displays a lot of things in what are known as “list views;” that is, lists of things with columns. Examples include the list of cases and lists of document names.

In previous versions of TurboLaw, these columns had a fixed size, and because of this, some things with long names (especially some document names – which can be quite long) would be truncated so you couldn’t see the whole name. In order to see the whole name, you had to manually re-size the column.

In TurboLaw 2.80, you won’t have to do this anymore – TurboLaw automatically sizes the columns to fit the largest item in the list.

Column re-sizing in action
Above: column re-sizing in action (click to see a larger version)

Additionally, if there is something with a really long name in the list, TurboLaw will add a scroll bar to the bottom of the list so you can scroll to the right and see the whole item.

This is just one of a great number of very small improvements we’ve made to TurboLaw – but we think that lots of small improvements can really add up to a great user experience. Stay tuned this month as we highlight some of the other changes coming in version 2.80!