Often, users of TurboLaw Time and Billing who are switching from another time and billing system want to pull up certain types of reports, but they only know the name of the report from their previous billing system.

To help with this, we are going to be posting a series of articles that describe step-by-step how to produce the same reports you’re used to from your old billing system in TurboLaw Time and Billing.

How to Produce an “Open Slips” Report in TurboLaw Time and Billing

In today’s article, we’re going to explain how to produce what some billing programs call an “open slips” report.

In TurboLaw Time and Billing, what other programs might call an “open slip” we call simply an “unbilled” item. Here’s how to see a list of unbilled items.

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Step 1: From the Home screen, click the Add/Edit Work Items button.

home screen

This will bring up the Time and Expenses window.

Step 2: Click the Status column to sort the items by status (billed or unbilled). You’ll have to click the column twice if you want unbilled items to appear first (the first click sorts the list alphabetically, the second click reverses the sort).

time and expenses - unsorted

Once the list is sorted, you are looking at your report of unbilled items – in other words, the “open slips.”

time and expenses - sorted

You can either print this report (click the Print button) or use the Copy or Export buttons to copy the list to another program or save it as a file for further modification.

That’s it! That’s how you pull up a report of unbilled items in TurboLaw Time and Billing – what other programs might call an “open slips” report.

Pro Tip: the steps above will show unbilled items for all clients – if you want to restrict your report to the unbilled items for just one client, first open that client’s window and choose the Edit Time/Work option as shown here:

time and expenses - one person

This will display the same window, but the items shown will be only for that one client.

As always, our goal is to make TurboLaw Time and Billing as easy to use as possible – and that includes making it easy to switch to TurboLaw Time and Billing from another billing program. If you have questions about how to produce a report from your old billing program in TurboLaw Time and Billing, feel free to ask us!