TurboLaw Time and Billing - New Update AvailableOnce again, we are proud to announce the latest new version of TurboLaw Time and Billing – Version 1.13! We’ve added a number of new features in this version to help you work faster in TurboLaw Time and Billing – saving you even more time when doing your billing.

For example, you can now type in any drop-down box (instead of using the mouse) and the program will show you those items in the drop-down that match what you’re typing. So, instead of clicking and choosing a client’s name (to use one example), you could begin typing the client’s name – and the program will automatically show you those clients’ names that match what you’ve typed. This allows you to “touch-type” your way through most windows in the program, which for some people is faster than using the mouse. (You can still use the mouse of course!)

We’ve also added some amazingly powerful new features for customizing your bill and statement templates – including something called “conditional formatting,” which allows you to change the way your bill (or statement) looks, based on what’s in the bill (or statement). So, for example, you could have the “amount” show up in red if money is owed to you, or make it show up green (or black) if the client doesn’t owe you money (for example, if they still have money left from a retainer payment). You can find all these features when you customize your templates. (You can also watch a video on customizing templates.)

Here’s the full list of what was added or improved in this version:

  • Added “auto-complete” functionality in the “Enter Time” or “Enter Expense” windows – so you can find and select client, staff, and matter names more quickly
  • Added the ability to add a “matter” on the fly by just typing in a name when entering a time or expense entry
  • Improved support for “conditional formatting” in templates, so you can change the way the template looks based on what’s in the bill or statement (e.g., changing the color of dollar amounts based on the dollar amount itself)
  • Numerous “behind the scenes” improvements for better performance and for possible new features in the future

As always, TurboLaw Time and Billing checks for updates automatically in the background, so you don’t have to do anything special to get this update – just keep your eyes open for the pop-up notification, or for this little message:

This message lets you know a new update is available.

Watch for this message to appear when a new update is available!

Just click the pop-up notice (or the message) to install the update (it only takes a few seconds to install).

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have, and we hope you enjoy this latest version of TurboLaw Time and Billing!