One of the changes we made in Version 1.11 of TurboLaw Time and Billing was the way that the bills list was sorted. Previously, the list started with the bill number followed by the client’s name. Perhaps somewhat confusingly, the list was sorted by bill date by default.

Although it seemed natural to us that bills should be sorted by date, it was also natural to want to scan the list visually and find a bill by the client’s name. So, we changed the layout of the list. Now, the client’s name is listed first, and by default the list sorts by client name.

In making this change, however, we discovered that very few people realized that you can change the size of the columns, or even sort by a different column if you wish.

Resizing a column is as easy as grabbing its edge with your mouse and dragging it to the desired size, and sorting a column is as easy as clicking the column heading. You can also double-click the edge of a column heading to force it to adjust automatically to the “best fit” for whatever is in that column.

Here’s a very short video that shows you how to double-click the edge of a column heading so that it does an automatic “best fit” resize.

And here’s a very short video that shows you how to sort columns by just clicking on the column heading (clicking a second time reverses the sort order).

Although only the bills list was changed in version 1.11, these column resizing and sorting techniques can be used on any column or list you see in TurboLaw Time and Billing.