Today’s question comes courtesy of Donald MacLellan – he asks:

Can the [TurboLaw] forms be used in Star Office 8?  Are there any plans to go to Linux Ubuntu or some system [other] than Microsoft Windows?

Technically that’s two questions, so here are two answers:

  1. TurboLaw relies on Microsoft Word (and Microsoft Excel) to create documents and merge case information into the documents, however, once the forms have been created, they are just regular Word and Excel documents and could be opened by any program that is capable of reading Word or Excel format files – including Star Office. However, you will still need Microsoft Word (and Microsoft Excel) to create the documents initially with TurboLaw.
  2. There are currently no plans to make a version of TurboLaw for any operating system other than Microsoft Windows – although we are not ruling that possibility out, if our customers were to demand it. Right now, however, most of our customers use Microsoft Windows, so that is where TurboLaw will run.

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