One of the most common questions we hear from customers is “Where is the ‘Edit Document’ button?” This is because the Edit Document button (actually, the entire TurboLaw toolbar) is what is known as an “add-in” to Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, due to the “nature of the beast,” toolbars and add-ins can apparently “vanish” for a variety of reasons – and the way to get them back is not always the same.

Complicating the issue somewhat is the fact that the new version of Word, Microsoft Office Word 2007, does not use “toolbars” at all – at least, not in the same sense as all the previous versions of Word. Toolbars (and any other commands used by add-ins) have been moved to a tab in Word 2007 called (appropriately enough), “Add-ins.” However, even here the TurboLaw toolbar can “vanish” for various reasons. And because of the fact that Word 2007 doesn’t use toolbars anymore, it is not trivial to bring back the toolbar anymore, as it was in prior versions of Word.

The Add-Ins Tab in Word 2007

(Above: The Add-Ins Tab in Word 2007 – click for full-sized picture)

The Add-Ins Tab and the TurboLaw Toolbar

(Above: The Add-Ins Tab and the TurboLaw Toolbar – click for full-sized picture)

Because of this, we have updated our series of articles describing how to restore the TurboLaw toolbar (and the “Edit Document” button) for Word 2007. The older articles on how to bring back the toolbar and the “Edit Document” button have been updated with a new video showing exactly how it is done, while the newer articles describe a quick and easy download to bring back the toolbar in Word 2007.

We hope that you find these new articles helpful!