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Forms Included in the Family Law Edition


  • 152A (10-14)- Affidavit Upon Receipt of Firearms
  • 804 (1-11) - Affidavit - Family Court
  • 818F - Parentage Affidavit (Father)
  • 818M - Parentage Affidavit (Mother)
  • 834 (9-10) - Affidavit of Child Custody
  • 88 (7-10) - Affidavit of Child Custody (UCCJA)


  • 400-00126 (7-16) - Agreement for Post-Adoption Contact or Communication
  • Agreement to Enter into Parent Coordination (12-06)


  • 228 (11-14) - Application to Waive Filing Fees and Service Costs
  • 228C - Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis COPE
  • Application for Parent Coordination Subsidy

Complaints and Petitions

  • 110 (7-14) - Juvenile Petition
  • 816 No Kids - Complaint for Legal Separation NO KIDS
  • 817-OCS-NC (5-11) - OCS Parentage Complaint Non-Cooperative Parents
  • 836-Kids - Complaint for Divorce WITH KIDS
  • 836-No Kids - Complaint for Divorce NO KIDS
  • 836-NR-No Kids (7-12) - Complaint for Divorce NO KIDS Non Resident

Correspondence - General

  • Letter - General
  • Letter to Clerk re Enclosure(s) - General
  • Letter to Client re Enclosure - Action
  • Letter to Client re Enclosure - No Action
  • Letter to Opposing Counsel

Financial Forms

  • 400-00813A (9-15) - Financial Affidavit
  • 400-00813B (9-15) - Financial Affidavit-Property & Asset
  • 400-00813S (9-16) - Financial Affidavit-Non-Divorce
  • DPS 132 (5-17) - Personal Expense Claim
  • OCS Form 131A (7-97)
  • OCS Form 131C (11-90)


  • 112 (7-10) - Victim Impact Statement & Request Form
  • 115 (1-09) - Periodic Review Report
  • 154 (7-10) - Intention to Pursue or Withdraw Complaint for RFA
  • 844 (5-16) - Acceptance of Service
  • 849 - Statement of Confidential Information
  • 89 (7-10) - Care Plan for Child-Non Custodial Parent
  • 897A (6-14) - GAL Pre-trial Proceeding Activities List
  • Department of Health Record of Divorce or Annulment (9-09)


  • 800 - Information Sheet

Judgments and Orders

  • 400-00802 (3-17) - Child Support Order (Client as Obligee)
  • 400-00802 (3-17) - Child Support Order (Client as Obligor)
  • 802M (10-14) - Medical Support Order
  • 819 (7-10) - Parentage Order
  • 879L (3-12) - Final Decree-Order Property Contested - Long Form
  • 879S (3-12) - Final Decree-Order Property Contested - Short Form
  • Order of Referral for Parent Coordination (1-07)


  • Data Tracking Release (Mediation) (4-05)
  • Divorce Mediation Completion (7-06)
  • Divorce Mediation Intake (7-06)
  • Family Court Mediation Process
  • Family Court Mediation Program (10-14)
  • Inappropriate for Mediation (5-05)
  • Release of Information (1-01)
  • Request to Attend Mediation (2-14)
  • Request to Attend Mediation Follow-Up (2-14)
  • Subsidy Application (4-05)


  • 400-00152B (8-17) - Motion for Order to Release Firearms
  • 400-00869 (8-15) - Motion for Genetic Testing
  • 806 (9-10) - Motion & Affidavit for Default Judgment
  • 830 (9-10) - Miscellaneous Motion Form
  • 841 (9-10) - 4(e) Motion Stipulation Waive Final Hearing
  • 842 (9-10) - Motion to Continue Hearing - Family

Notices and Requests

  • 109 (7-10) - Notice of Intent Not to File Juvenile Petition
  • 400-00127 (10-15) - Request to Attend Confidential Juvenile Hearing
  • 800-00005 (5-17) - Notice of Appeal to Supreme Court
  • 801 (7-15) - Notice of Hearing - Motion to Establish Child Support
  • 820-Kids (9-10) - Notice of Action & Request for Waiver of Service WITH KIDS
  • 820-No Kids (9-10) - Notice of Action & Request for Waiver of Service NO KIDS
  • 829 (3-11) - Notice of Appeal - Magistrate
  • 891R (6-14) - GAL Request for Appointment of Attorney for Child


  • 400-00108S (7-16) - Merits Stipulation
  • 400-00870 (8-15) - Genetic Testing Stipulation & Order
  • 825 (9-12) - PR&R Stipulation (Parenting Plan)
  • 872 (10-11) - Parentage Stipulation
  • 878 (6-12) - Final Divorce Stipulation Property

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