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Forms included in TurboLaw Maine Edition

Click below to see a full list of all the forms included in the TurboLaw Maine Edition.

Family Law Forms


  • AD-001 (7-16) - Petition for Adoption and Name Change
  • AD-003 (7-16) - Consent of Other Than Parent
  • AD-004 (7-16) - Consent by Person to be Adopted
  • AD-005 (7-16) - Child Custody Affidavit
  • AD-006 (7-16) - Confidential Statement to Accompany Petition for Adoption
  • AD-007 (7-16) - Report of Disbursements
  • AD-010 (10-16) - Adoption Registry Acknowledgment
  • AD-011 (10-16) - Secondary Placement Affidavit
  • AD-012 (10-16) - Certificate of Counseling
  • AD-013 (10-16) - Consent of Parent to Adoption
  • AD-014 (10-16) - Consent of Parent to Adoption (Outside the State of Maine)

Correspondence - General

  • Letter - General
  • Letter to Clerk re Enclosure(s) - General
  • Letter to Client re Enclosure - Action
  • Letter to Client re Enclosure - No Action
  • Letter to Opposing Counsel

Financial Forms

  • FM-040-S (8-16) - Child Support Worksheet
  • FM-042 (4-14) - Certificate In Lieu of Financial Statement
  • FM-043 (10-10) - Financial Statement
  • Income Withholding Order


  • GS-001 (7-16) - Petition for Appointment of Temporary Guardian of Minor
  • GS-003 (7-16) - Petition for Appointment of Permanent Guardian of Minor
  • GS-006 (7-16) - Acceptance of Appointment by Guardian of Minor
  • GS-007 (7-16) - Petition for Termination-Removal-Resignation of Guardianship
  • GS-010 (10-16) - Child Custody Affidavit in Support of Appointment of Guardian of Minor
  • GS-011 (10-16) - Letters of Guardianship


  • FM-062 (6-14) - Motion to Modify
  • FM-068 (4-14) - Motion for Contempt Rule 66
  • FM-070 (4-14) - Motion to Enforce
  • FM-214 (10-15) - Motion to Enforce Visitation for Military Members
  • FM-218 (10-16) - Motion for Expedited Hearing

Official Forms

  • CV-036 (7-16) - Acknowledgment Receipt of Summons & Complaint, Post-Judgment Motion
  • CV-CR-FM-PC-200 (7-15) - SSN Confidential Disclosure Form
  • CV-FM-103 (10-15) - Notice of Hearing
  • CV-FM-202 (4-13) - Affidavit Service Completed by Alternate Means
  • FM-002 (6-16) - Family Matters Summary Sheet
  • FM-004 (6-16) - Complaint for Divorce (with children)
  • FM-005 (4-14) - Complaint for Divorce (no children)
  • FM-006 (6-16) - Paternity, Parental Rights
  • FM-008 (4-14) - Petition For Expedited Enforcement Of Child Custody Determination
  • FM-050 (4-14) - Child Support Affidavit
  • FM-052 (4-14) - Federal Affidavit
  • FM-054 (4-14) - Certifcate in Lieu of Case Management Conference
  • FM-055 (4-14) - Verification of Diligent Job Search
  • FM-056 (4-14) - Certificate Regarding Real Estate
  • FM-057 (4-14) - Affidavit for Confidential Address
  • FM-058 (4-14) - Affidavit-Request for Registration of a Foreign Order
  • FM-064 (4-14) - Petition for Emancipation
  • FM-071 (4-14) - Objection to Final Order of Magistrate
  • FM-087 (7-16) - Info Regarding Case Management
  • FM-125 (9-15) - Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem
  • FM-132S (8-16) - Child Support Order
  • FM-137 (2-09) - Contempt Scheduling Order
  • FM-160 (4-14) - Waiver of Right to Object and Waiver of Appeal
  • FM-171 (3-13) - Abstract of Divorce Decree
  • FM-181 (4-14) - Verified Application for Issuance of Warrant
  • FM-186 (6-16) - Answer and Counterclaim for Divorce
  • FM-187 (6-16) - Answer and Counterclaim Parental Rights-Responsibilities
  • FM-188 (4-13) - Order for Service by Alternate Means
  • FM-216 (8-16) - Uncontested Joint Petition for Pre-Birth Determination of Parentage
  • FM-221 (12-17) - Amended Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem
  • FM-222 (1-18) - Compliance Report of the Guardian Ad Litem
  • PB-003 (10-16) - Jurisdictional Affidavit
  • PB-005 (10-16) - Additional Party Summary Sheet
  • PC-003 (2-09) - Child Protection Financial Affidavit
  • PC-024 (6-17) - Child Protection Guardian ad Litem Voucher
  • PC-034 (1-18) - Compliance Report of the Guardian Ad Litem

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